25 Best Podcasts for Learning Spanish

For Spanish learner, these 25 top podcasts will surely take language skills at next level.

Do you struggle to understand native Spanish speakers because of regional dialects and tricky accents? Do you want to enhance your Spanish skills in a fun and effective way?

Podcasts are an incredible option for people who want to learn the Spanish language. It can make the entire learning process more pleasant and effective. In short, podcasts help language learning.

People have been using pre-recorded audio to learn languages for a long time. With smartphones, internet access, and modern technology, more language tools are available than ever.

Podcasts are among the most popular choices for people wanting to study and improve their Spanish. You can listen wherever you are at your fingertips. So, they’re a fantastic option for people always on the go.

Podcasts can be helpful in many different ways. You can practice listening, do grammar drills, and learn about cultural aspects. It keeps up with the news in Spanish and about the Spanish-speaking world.

Do podcasts really improve Spanish-speaking skills? Which podcasts are the best for improving your fluency? Where can you get access to practice Spanish?

This post will answer all your questions, so keep reading!

How do podcasts improve your Spanish better?

The practical approach to learning Spanish is to start speaking it right away. 

The first step is to get your ears tuned to Spanish. Rehearsing listening skills while learning a new language is where podcasts excel. It allows you to learn in a fun and interactive way.

Spanish podcasts for advanced learners

This is the method of how children at primary levels learn their languages. Mimicking that action will have the same impact on your brain. Thus, your pronunciation will be more true-to-life and precise.

Whether you are learning Spanish for a career, hobby, or personal reason, Podcasts have something for everyone. It is a productive way to learn, and you can practice on the go, at home, or work, making it convenient.

You can find a variety of study materials, talks, stories, and explanations on grammar and vocabulary through podcasts. You can sweeten your listening and comprehension skills by interacting with Spanish natives, answering questions, or repeating conversations.

Many podcasts offer online quizzes, flashcards, games, and interactive transcripts. You can enrich your learning experience with many podcasts. Notes in Spanish, News In Slow Spanish, and Easy Spanish, to name a few.

One of the biggest challenges in Spanish is understanding native speakers.

Most podcast apps let you change the speed of the audio. You can slow down the show to listen for only a few minutes, repeat it, and do as per your level. This tool solves that difficulty to some extent.

This is the best way to maximize the result. It encourages you to catch missed catchphrases and improve your pronunciation knowledge.

Where can I find Spanish podcasts?

There are many incentives for learning Spanish. This makes it a popular language among the youth. There are hundreds of podcasts, with increasing numbers each year.

Premium membership is available only to those who pay. While there are some paid ones, most of them are free.

You may be asked to pay for a recurring service by the platform. The benefits include ad-free content, exclusive audio, and improved and high sound quality.

There are many free Spanish podcasts available on popular platforms. For instance, Amazon Music, iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Tune In, and Spotify. There are dozens more.

Many other popular platforms exist, like SpanishPod101, Notes in Spanish, Spanish Obsessed, StudySpanish.com, and Audiria. They regularly update the podcasts with new content.

25 Best Podcasts for Spanish Learners

The next crucial step is choosing the right Podcast and level to listen to.

Opting for one that aligns with your Spanish language proficiency is the best choice. Still, there’s something unclear about that.

Broadcasters usually cover various topics to cater to diverse audiences and requests. There will be some overlap.

You can prefer the ones that are both humorous and contain local or cultural accents but are also complex. Naturally, this applies if you speak Spanish fluently.

If not, select something easier.

It’s crucial to listen to relevant information frequently to stay informed. You can read while doing so and take meaningful notes for future reference.

Listening to things you enjoy can help you attain a higher level of your Spanish language skills.

Listening to native speakers’ content is a sign of progress. You can also subscribe or request transcripts to make your Spanish fluency journey easier.

There are many exceptional podcasts out there that we’ll be looking into. Apart from the language, they also introduce different aspects of Hispanic countries.

Exploring cultural aspects is an efficient method to grasp the language. Check out these 24 podcasts that cater to different levels of study.

Different learners may have varying levels of audio content. It consists of three parts: beginners, intermediates, and advanced.

Let’s get going!

Podcasts for learning Spanish

1. Spanish Course – Beginner’s Guide

This Spanish Podcast, by Natalia Sanchez, is a beginner’s guide for her Spanish course. This is intended for those who are just starting to learn the Spanish language.

Natalia Sanchez, a Spanish teacher and native speaker, is the creator and host of the Podcast. Spanish is made easy by her logical explanations and practical approach.

Anyone beginning to learn Spanish and wanting to reach the lower intermediate level should check out this excellent resource.

This is available on channels like Spotify, Apple, Listen Notes, Spreaker, and more.

2. Duolingo Spanish Podcast

Duolingo language app created the Duolingo Spanish Podcast as a podcast series for Spanish learning.

The Podcast meets the needs of Spanish beginners and elementary learners. You can find it on different platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc.

If you want to improve your Spanish listening and comprehension skills, the Duolingo Spanish Podcast is an awesome resource.

It has authentic conversations and related materials. Thus, it helps you understand, and following the Spanish becomes easy.

Duolingo has tons of interactive exercises. Learners can practice and reinforce what they learned from the Podcast. Each episode relates a real-life Spanish narrative, focusing on Latin American history and culture.

3. Easy Spanish: Learn through Everyday Conversions

Radio Lingua Network designed a Spanish learning podcast series, Learn Spanish with Everyday Conversations. The Podcast is geared towards individuals learning Spanish at a beginner and intermediate level.

It’s available on various platforms, such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Although the schedule is not fixed, they release new episodes regularly.

This Podcast is a splendid resource for improving your Spanish listening and comprehension abilities through daily talks.

Authentic talks and associated materials make language learning simple to follow and understand. You can practice and reinforce your lessons from the Podcast with interactive activities.

4. A Zero to A Hero: Learn Spanish!

Don’t miss out on this captivating podcast, “A Zero to A Hero – Learn Spanish!” It is exceptional to study Spanish. Diego, a Spanish teacher and native speaker, created this podcast series.

This is for individuals who are just starting to learn Spanish. You can find it on diverse platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc. This is made up of various seasons, each with multiple episodes.

The episodes usually run for 30 minutes. You can explore many language-learning topics, including grammar, vocabulary, and conversation.

This Spanish learning Podcast will be helpful for beginners and intermediate learners. It is paired with a textbook and online resources.

Mark, the host, speaks both Spanish and English. This helps listeners comprehend the language better. This can help you prepare for the A1 level of SIELE and DELE.

5. Coffee Break Spanish

The “Coffee Break Spanish” podcast is a top-rated and practical resource for learning Spanish.

Mark Pentleton hosts this show, offering a structured language learning approach. It teaches the Spanish language online.

The audio lessons cover various aspects of the Spanish language: E.g., words, grammar, pronunciation, and cultural insights.

There are different levels, from beginners to more advanced speakers. You can pick the level that suits your current ability.

The Coffee Break Spanish Podcast is well-structured and organized. It makes it easy for learners to follow along and progress systematically.

Lessons usually have dialogues and explanations. This enables you to practice listening and speaking skills.

Spanish podcasts for beginners

6. Spanish Beginners – Latin ELE

Speaking Spanish for Beginners by Latin ELE can teach you Latin American Spanish in a fun way!

This program aims to educate novices in the Spanish language. It has a range of Spanish dialects spoken in Central and South America.

The course comprises various grammar, vocabulary, and conversation lessons. It is also available in different formats, including videos, audio, and written materials.

The native Spanish speakers instruct the program. The primary aim is to teach students conversational Spanish that they can apply in real-life cases.

7. Learn Spanish with LinguaBoost

LinguaBoost podcast is a great way to study Spanish. It has countless episodes that address diverse topics, such as grammar, vocabulary, and conversation.

The episodes are geared towards beginners and intermediate learners. Each one lasts around 30 minutes.

The hosts use Spanish and English to assist listeners in comprehending the language better. Mix this podcast with a course book or online resources to improve the learning experience.

8. Learn Spanish – Beginner by Sergio Delgado

This Beginner by Sergio Delgado is another podcast to learn and improve Spanish. This is meant for beginners.

The Podcast discusses different language-learning subjects like grammar, new words, and conversations. Each episode, tailored for beginners, will last around 30 minutes.

The host, Sergio Delgado, speaks Spanish and English to help listeners understand the language better. It uses a course book or online resources to enrich the learning experience.

9. Spanish Obsessed

The “Spanish Obsessed” podcast is a well-regarded resource for learning Spanish.

Rob and Liz are a couple that hosts this Podcast. They are passionate about the Spanish language and Latin American culture.

It is designed to help learners at various levels improve their Spanish skills through engaging conversations and lessons. It covers multiple topics, including travel, culture, daily life, and learning tips.

I recommend searching for the “Spanish Obsessed” podcast’s latest content and episodes on popular platforms like Apple, Spotify, or Google. 

10. Nómadas

Radio Nacional de España has a slew of exceptional Spanish podcasts, and this is just one of them.

This podcast is recommended for learners who are at an intermediate to an advanced level. The hosts speak faster than the podcasts mentioned earlier and use more complex vocabulary.

In Nómadas, native speakers discuss the most exciting cultures, stories, people, and ideas worldwide.

Finding engaging and fresh content for intermediate and advanced learners can be challenging. But this remarkable podcast has captivating stories narrated by native speakers.

This makes it perfect for a Spanish language student at an advanced level. For example, B2 or C1 of DELE or SIELE.

Podcasts for Spanish learners

11. Intermediate Spanish Podcast

The Intermediate Spanish Podcast teaches intermediate learners the Spanish language.

Multiple episodes of the Podcast are dedicated to various language-learning topics, like word lists, grammar, and discussion.

The episodes last about 30 minutes and are intended to be used alongside a course book or online resources.

The host(s) can speak Spanish and English to assist listeners in comprehending the language.

For those having a basic understanding of Spanish, the Podcast is for intermediate learners seeking to improve their skills.

Are you planning to take B1 of the SIELE or DELE test? This might be helpful.

12. Accelerated Spanish – Learn Fluent Spanish

Mnemonics are an excellent tool for mastering the Spanish language.

You can immerse yourself faster with Master of Memory’s Accelerated Spanish. It uses a timeless speed-up learning principle.

Establishing a sturdy base allows you to learn Spanish terms and phrases effortlessly and speak Spanish at a superb speed. You can learn for free online using this technique.

13. Notes in Spanish — Beginners to Advanced

The Notes in Spanish podcast is designed for Spanish learners at any level, from novice to expert.

You can find diverse and captivating topics on Spanish culture, travel, current news, and affairs. It is presented through conversations between Marina and Ben.

The podcast “3 Words for Ascuas” (17 episodes) is also available. You can also check the site to learn and comprehend common Spanish phrases.

14. Spanishland School: Learn Spanish Tips

If you want to learn Spanish quickly, the Spanish Land School podcast is ideal.

Andrea, the primary instructor, delivers clear Latin American Spanish to intermediate and advanced students with fun and engaging tips.

Fluency is within your reach and won’t take long. Start your learning process today!

15. Charlas Hispanas

Charlas Hispanas is a podcast for learning Spanish and Latin American culture. It has over 700 episodes and more than 100 hours of audio to help you learn Spanish1.

The speakers are from Mexico, Peru, Colombia, and Argentina. You hear many varieties from Spanish-speaking places as you learn about Latin America.

You can subscribe to their premium service to access the complete audio transcription, exercises, and explanations.

You can filter the episodes by country or try the search to find specific topics. The podcast is available on Spotify and Player FM.

It’s a great way to learn Spanish through storytelling and engage with native speakers from different parts of Latin America.

Podcasts to learn Spanish

16. StoryLearning Spanish

The StoryLearning Spanish Podcast uses storytelling to enhance Spanish language learning. 

A new chapter of the story is featured in every episode of the Podcast.

The language-learning topics, including grammar, vocabulary, and dialogue, will be taught through stories.

This podcast offers transcripts of each chapter with a paid subscription. They help learners speak authentic Spanish through language immersion.

17. Easy Spanish

Paulina and Iván, Spanish native speakers from Mexico and Spain, host a weekly podcast called Easy Spanish. You can learn Spanish interactively by conversing in different cities of Spain and Latin America.

You can find free YouTube videos on grammar and Spanish for beginners. Street interviews with Spanish speakers and interactive transcripts are part of each episode, exclusive to members.

You can also get early access to episodes and bonus content for each episode. Besides, there are extra study materials for various levels of Spanish.

18. Unlimited Spanish

Unlimited Spanish is a podcast with over 200 episodes that benefits rehearsing verbal Spanish.

Oscar leads and talks about the Spanish language and culture. You’ll know the phrase, grammar, and typical Spanish expressions enjoyably and interactively through the course’s short stories and Q&A techniques.

Listeners are given breaks during episodes to respond to questions or replay dialogues. This podcast stands out as it helps enhance Spanish fluency by developing a sense or instinct for the language.

19. Radio Ambulante

Radio Ambulante is a podcast in Spanish that shares stories from Latin America. You can expect to hear about various topics on this Podcast, including history, culture, politics, and current events.

This is a South American podcast that shares stories about Latin America. Its creation is mainly attributed to Daniel Alarcón, a Peruvian writer.

NPR began distributing this weekly in 2016 after the first three seasons premiered in 2012.

The Radio Ambulante anchors have Latin American accents from various countries like Peru, Costa Rica, Argentina, etc. Spanish transcripts and notes are accessible on the website.

20. SpanishPod101

SpanishPod101 is a podcast for Spanish learners of all levels. It ranges from scratch to all the way up to advanced.

Each episode will teach you unfamiliar terms, grammar structure, cultural perspectives, and practical language skills for real-world use.

One of its notable elements is that it delivers lessons in diverse formats. This covers audio, video, and text-based studies. You can select the one that best suits you and change it per your needs and preferences.

Learners can access the Podcast’s resources and tools for monitoring headway and staying motivated. The platform offers interactive quizzes, flashcards, and a personalized education dashboard.

SpanishPod101 is a comprehensive and engaging resource for those who want to improve their Spanish skills.

The Podcast has something for all, irrespective of your level of expertise. This can also assist you in preparing for different levels of DELE.

Spanish podcasts for intermediate learners

21. News in Slow Spanish

Listen to this Podcast for slow and precise Spanish news and events. Besides being up-to-date with the latest news, this Spanish learning Podcast strives to improve learners’ listening skills and understanding.

It contains politics, economics, culture, science, and sports. The speed of speech is slower than what you hear on regular news broadcasts. These are also easy to comprehend for listeners.

News in Slow Spanish offers the advantage of a transcript for every episode. Also, this tool can help learners follow news stories and improve their reading skills.

For those who want to stay current and improve their Spanish, News in Slow Spanish is a worthwhile resource.

The Podcast is well-produced and fascinating. It also offers practical practice listening to Spanish in real-world surroundings.

You can pick between Spanish or Latino, depending on whether you want to practice European or Latin American Spanish.

22. Spanish Language Coach

Spanish Language Coach is a podcast series created by a teacher from Spain.

He makes episodes for Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced Spanish learners. Plus, he generously offers transcripts for every single episode.

He crafted the episodes in a way that helps you improve your listening skills. You immerse yourself in authentic and appropriate spoken. As an outcome, you enhance your comprehension and become more proficient in Spanish.

The host is a native European Spanish speaker and offers one of the best free content.

An incredible number of episodes are already available, making this podcast an exceptional resource for unlimited Spanish practice. You can listen to it on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

23. Españolistos

Españolistos podcast is designed to help individuals improve their listening and comprehension abilities. The host, Andrea and Nate, both native Spanish speakers, offers informative and engaging content.

Españolistos covers a different topic in each episode, including travel, culture, and grammar. The show also clarifies the meanings of vocabulary and expressions.

While speaking naturally, the hosts help learners by giving explanations and translations.

The Spanish Podcast has different types of content that suit different learning styles, a unique trait. Some episodes showcase interviews with native Spanish speakers around the world. Others have grammar tasks.

To sum up, this is an exceptional resource for enhancing listening skills and gaining cultural familiarity.

The podcast is intriguing and well-crafted. The hosts offer priceless insights that can aid learners in their language-learning journey.

24. Un Día en Español

Through simulating real-life scenarios, Un día en Español offers a language immersion experience for learners.

Here, native Spanish speakers use their day-to-day lingo to act out scenarios like going to a restaurant or buying groceries.

The episodes include dialogues and explanations of unfamiliar words and expressions for learners. Besides exercises and quizzes, it is also a way for learners to enhance their language skills.

Un día en Español allows learners to practice listening and speaking in real life. Hearing this podcast with various accents and idioms makes them more comfortable with different types of Spanish.

Spanish learners can benefit immensely from the Un día en Español course. It supports the progress of communication skills and comfort with the language. 

The Podcast, which is exciting and well-produced, has valuable practice for learners of all levels.

25. Butterfly Spanish

“Butterfly Spanish” is a popular podcast and YouTube channel hosted by Ana, a native Spanish speaker and experienced language teacher/

The podcast is dedicated to helping learners of Spanish at various levels improve their language skills. The content typically covers a wide range of topics related to learning Spanish.

This podcast, hosted by a native Spanish speaker, covers various topics. E.g., grammar, pronunciation, and culture.

Final Words on Spanish Learning Podcasts

Spanish language podcasts

Podcasts provide an ideal opportunity to study, practice, and enhance Spanish. It can help you explore the fascinating world of language and culture.

It’s entertaining and authentic. The greater your exposure to Spanish, the better you’ll understand it. Your Spanish learning progress will be faster than ever.

The enjoyment and knowledge gained from listening to the guests show how good podcasts are.

And that’s it! Take your Spanish skills to the next level with these 25 top-rated podcasts. Regularly listen to these podcasts for the best results in taking your fluency to the next level.

Start learning today with good Spanish learning apps and podcast sites. Many platforms can help you learn a language. 

You can subscribe to some of them, given that most are free. Study this beautiful language regularly and have fun improving your Spanish skills!

Did I overlook the top Spanish-learning podcasts? What is your favorite one? Use the comments section to express your thoughts and ask any questions.

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